What to see

Chalikounas Ecosystem
The narrow strip of sand that separates beautiful Lake Korision from the sea marks the boundary of the island's most exotic beach. For those who love nature, walking and tranquility, this is pure paradise. To get here, take the highway from Corfu town to Lefkimmi, turn right at the level of Mesongi (just before the BP petrol station)and follow the signs for "Kastro Gardiki" and the lake "Korision". At the end of the road you will find a small beach, with recliners and a snack bar. But don't stop there. Continue along the rush-lined lake-shore and cross the little bridge that takes you into the dense cedar forest.This beautiful saltwater shallow lagoon is home to rare vegetation and to hundreds of different types of birds, some of them rare species. If you are lucky enough, you might meet curlews, great white egrets, oyster birds, widgets and cormorants. From here to Agios Georgios (an hour and a half walk along the forest,in the mid distance you pass from Issos beach), stretch kilometers of fine damp sand that has been shaped into dunes. Green hills on the one hand, golden hills on the other. The only people you will meet will be other walkers, and a few campers. Pick your ideal spot, and for a moment you'll feel like being in the "Blue Lagoon". Don't miss the sunset!

Issos beach

Issos beach is the only place in the island where you can swim next to giant and vast sand dunes, giving you the feel that you are in Africa. The lack of extensive touristic development (which is so present in other Corfiot beaches) results in crystal clear waters and in an unspoiled environment.


Chlomos Village

Clomos is a little village in the southern mountains between Boukaris on the east coast and Issos (Lake Korission) on the west coast.
Chlomos remains intact from the tourist movement which changed Corfu for decades. Chlomos lies peacefully in the mountains providing the most stunning view to both the east and the west coast.


Cape Arkoudilas - The end of the world

Small sandy beach at the southernmost tip of Corfu. Generally unknown except to hikers who are able to trek the difficult paths that start from the equally deserted Kanoula shore or from the forest of Arkoudilas, south of Lefkimmi. But if you do come here, you'll agree it was well worth the effort: you'll be alone with the sea, beneath the eerie, secluded precipice that ends in a forest of cypresses and the deserted 17th century monastery of the Virgin. (52 km from Corfu town)